Come visit us at Kent, a cozy country regarded as the Garden of England.

If you want a vacation with nature, history, culture, and a taste of countryside England with an urban vibe in the corner, Kent is one of the cities that you should add on your bucket list right now.

This city has some of the most breathtaking beaches in Europe, as polled by Lonely Planet, and amazing tourist destinations like family attractions, theme parks, art galleries, museums, and truly romantic gateways that should set some mood for a couple's vacation. Also, you will enjoy strolling or cycling along the 4,000 cycle and foot trails.

If you think Kent is far, that's plain gossip. This cozy English city is only an hour of train ride away from London. This is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

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Kent is not a remote place in England. In fact, a lot of transportation means are available for those who are planning to visit the place.

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Travelling with Pot: All You Need To Know

Colorado, a state in the United States, legalized cannabis like this to be used for recreation on January 2014. It was the first state to do so in the U.S. and other states have embraced such legalization since then. In total, 33 states have made cannabis legal for medical and recreational use in the U.S.
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15 of the Best Canoeing and Kayaking Sites in the U.K

Everyone loves to go on holidays where there are slipways and good rivers for canoeing and kayaking. Because of that, Cosy Caravan is an option for many youngsters. That said, below are the 15 best sites doing the above activities.
Canal Camping, Norfolk
This area offers its visitors camping using the best tents where one can begin canoeing with ease. Visitors can canoe quietly while at the same time observe wildlife up-close; and after they are done, they can …

Sapper the Artist Museum

Another exhibit worth visiting would be the soon-to-open Sapper the Artist gallery at the Royal Engineer’s museum at Prince Arthur Road in Kent.
Beginning February 5th until June 23rd of 2019, the Museum would display rarely-seen and never-before-seen paintings, sketches, and drawings that were kept in the archive of the Museum. These masterpieces were created by engineers and soldiers and would depict passion amidst the military nature it holds.
Tickets for the events were on the standard entry price …

Another Time by Antony Gormley

These sculptures made by Antony Gormley are breathtaking shows, especially during the low tide (about three hours before that) when these masterpieces are visible. The exhibit has been organized by Turner Contemporary partnered by Folkestone Triennial 2017. The exhibit would be displayed at Margate on the 19th of August and will remain until November 1st in 2020.

Kent’s Easter Junior golf camps held at Tudor Park

The Tudor Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club is the event venue for the Easter Junior golf camp in 2019.
This yearly event, held in summer breaks for children aged five to fifteen years old, sets foot once more this year to bring out the sportsmanship in the youngsters and train them to become keen golfers in the future, aside from adding the appreciation of the sport in competitive and recreational nature.
It gets even more …