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Kent’s Easter Junior golf camps held at Tudor Park

The Tudor Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club is the event venue for the Easter Junior golf camp in 2019.

This yearly event, held in summer breaks for children aged five to fifteen years old, sets foot once more this year to bring out the sportsmanship in the youngsters and train them to become keen golfers in the future, aside from adding the appreciation of the sport in competitive and recreational nature.

It gets even more exciting due to this year’s Easter Junior golf camp’s venue – The Tudor Park. This has been known as one of the best golf courses in the city, with golf courses suitable for training these young ones to become one of the best golfers in the city in the future.

The event started on April 3rd and will run the camp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the same month. Everyone between the said ages is encouraged to join the summer golf camp.

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