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Another Time by Antony Gormley

These sculptures made by Antony Gormley are breathtaking shows, especially during the low tide (about three hours before that) when these masterpieces are visible. The exhibit has been organized by Turner Contemporary partnered by Folkestone Triennial 2017. The exhibit would be displayed at Margate on the 19th of August and will remain until November 1st in 2020.

Gormley has been working on the sculptures from casts taken from his own body parts.  This is his own expression about being “alive and alone in space and time” and has filled the casted mould with iron, as an association to heavy industry.

The figures made for this display are identical to the ones displayed on Another Place in 2007, which has been permanently situated in Liverpool in Crosby Beach. Another Time would be one of the highlights in Margate and shall expect a drove of visits from locals and tourists all around the city and the country.

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