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Top Hotel Review Websites

Hotel Review Websites

To make their life easier, jet setters and travelers use hotel review websites to look for accommodations in their next destination. These are various websites hosted by varying web hosting services that help people make their choices for the most trusted hotel that they can get while traveling.

For the hotel and hospitality industry, these sites help them get clients and customers, as research shows that 78 percent of consumers use online reviews to determine and compare hotels and other types of accommodation before selecting their choices.

That said, below are the top hotel review websites that might come in handy when you are traveling in the future:


This website is probably the biggest hotel review website to date. With a total of 661 million reviews and about 7.7 million hotels, accommodations, airlines, restaurants, and experience, you’ll know that this website is a huge one.

However, the downside is that their review system doesn’t really require a reviewer to stay and book in a hotel to make a review. These can lead to bogus and fraud reviews that can make a negative impact on all travelers and hotel users.


The top search engine platform is also fast becoming a top hotel review website. Google recently put a hotel finder which allows users to get an updated list of hotels and their corresponding prices. The list also shows pictures, reviews, and even street view panoramas. However, similar to TripAdvisor, it has a flawed review system that comes with no verification process, allowing anyone to leave reviews.


What’s interesting about the website is the fact that it doesn’t offer a customer review feature. In fact, it is a hotel metasearch website that uses third-party institutions such as Hotels.com and Expedia in publishing their rating index. They have a unique system and process that summarizes the aggregate scores on sites such as Google and TripAdvisor while coming up with its own unique evaluation. The evaluation and aggregate scores have been popular and appealing to travelers and jet setters.


This hotel review website is considered as the best in terms of methodology in reviewing and ranking hotels and accommodations. All 161 million reviews that are found in the website come from verified guests, which only means that all reviews are made from real customers and actual guests who actually booked the particular hotel being reviewed. Booking.com’s authenticity and real reviews have made the website popular among frequent travelers and vacationers.


The top social media site is also considered one of the most trusted hotel review websites. Facebook users can check for online reviews of a particular hotel or accommodation by just simply searching its official Facebook page. From there, you will see several reviews done by previous customers and clients which will help you make a decision quickly and easily.


Are you looking for the best hotel for your next travel destinations? This list of the top hotel review websites will certainly help and guide you when choosing your next travel accommodation.

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