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Extracting CBD from Hemp or Cannabis Plants

Cannabis Plants

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a beneficial chemical derived from Hemp and cannabis plants. You can see see here that Researchers are continuing to discover more uses of the product, making it popular. Due to its popularity, CBD has become a commercial product produced in masses in the manufacture of products such as beauty products, infusion for drinks such as coffee, pharmaceutical, and nourishment products.

The most exciting discovery about the CBD is that it can be used in the treatment of various diseases. Recently, it has gained popularity in treating mental conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. It is also used in other conditions such as epilepsy and inflammation. CBD products do not have THC compound which is what causes highness after taking marijuana and is the addictive element of cannabis. As a result, products such as CBD oil are considered safe leading to their legalization in many states.

Extracting CBD

It is not usually easy to extract CBD from hemp and cannabis plants due to the sensitivity of the compounds in the product. If the wrong procedure and equipment are used, the active elements can be destroyed. This means that the extract will not be useful for the intended purpose. Understanding the process of CBD extraction and knowing the most ideal equipment will be vital in getting quality and effective products.

How to extract CBD

The main reason for extracting CBD is to create a pure as well as high-concentrate product that will be safe and, at the same time, benefit the human consumers. CBD is mostly extracted from the hemp plant that contains little THC. It can also be extracted from the cannabis plant. However, cannabis is highly regulated and could be illegal in some states.

There are several methods of extraction. CO2 method offers about 90% efficacy in terms of purity and quality. The method involves passing the material through several filters and chambers under controlled temperature. The equipment used in this CO2 extraction is relatively expensive. There are three chambers in this method. One chamber contains pressured CO2 while the second chamber contains pressured hemp or cannabis material. CO2 is pumped to the chamber containing the materials. The pressure causes the CBD oil to separate from the material. The mixture of CO2 and extract are then pumped to the third chamber where the CO2 evaporates leaving the oil.

Distillation is also used where the hemp and cannabis are heated to steam. The mixture of water and the extracts escapes through a pipe where they are later condensed. Distillation is further used to separate oil and water. This method is less efficient as compared to the CO2 method. The hot steam may destroy the chemical properties of the product.

Ethanol extraction produces high quality and pure products with 99% efficiency. This method is similar to distillation, but ethanol instead of water is used as the extraction solvent. The extraction results in a mixture of ethanol and CBD. Ethanol is allowed to evaporate leaving the CBD product behind.


CBD products led by CBD oil are increasingly becoming popular in the modern world. As more uses are discovered, higher demands for pure products are witnessed. Some products such as pharmaceutical CBD products require pure products leading to the need for better extraction methods.

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