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Flying with Guns: Step by Step Guide

Flying with Guns

Most of us have heard endless tales of TSA stories while some have experienced these stories firsthand. You can get Get More Info at adventurefootstep.com about these stories could make one skeptical about traveling with firearms, but fear not! This guide will ensure that you can have a hassle-free experience when flying with your gun.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) would like you to know that there is a legitimate and better way to travel with your guns rather than carrying them to the checkpoint.

Packing and Securing Your Firearm

TSA rules require every firearm and ammunition to be stored in a locked and hard-sided case. As for transport, it should only be checked as baggage (not carry-ons).  Any ammunition should be in its original packaging. The locks should prevent anyone from opening the case and gaining access to the weapon.

In case your weapon is a rifle, it will require a large case. These large cases should have multiple locks. Also, ensure the gun is secured. All firearms should be unloaded. That is, it shouldn’t have any live ammunition or any other components.

Get a Suitable Lock for Your Case

Only the owner of the gun should have the combination or keys to the case with their firearm. While there are so many TSA approved locks in the market, we strongly recommend against them. This is because anyone else can open the case. Therefore, when it comes to firearm case locks, choose a unique lock.

In the event that the TSA agents need to inspect the case, they should find you and request you to open the case. Concerning this, ensure that you pay close attention to airport announcements. If the agents are not in a position to find you, the plane may fail to fly due to security concerns.

Declare the Gun/Guns

Any passenger who is traveling with their guns must declare them before reaching the security checkpoints. If you have packed and secured the firearm properly, relevant authorities will ask you to fill out a document.

Failure to follow these steps might result in an incidence where the police might be involved. On the other hand, if you have followed each step and completed filling out the documents, an airline crew member will remain in possession of the weapon as you continue passing through other security checkpoints.

When flying with firearms, consider arriving at the airport a little early to go through the declaration process. Follow any directions given to you to smoothen the process. Remember, each airline has different rules. Therefore, consider checking with your airline regulations before arriving at the airport.

Never Carry Your Firearm to the Cabin

Most people ignore this and end up facing charges or even detainment. It is a ground rule that you must never own a firearm in the plane cabin.


With the above information, traveling with your firearm will not give you any negative experience. Remember to secure your gun, disarm it, and use a unique lock or combination for your case. Arrive a little early to handle the declaration process. Always comply with the rules to make your flying experience fun.

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