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The Most Portable Fitness Equipment for Frequent Travelers

Most Portable Fitness Equipment

Have you struggled with maintaining your fitness routine because of your travel schedule? As asked by fitness About, Do you feel like traveling and your chaotic work deadlines get in the way of your dream body?

It can be difficult to maintain a balance between a heavily packed travel itinerary, chaotic work schedules, eating outside, little sleep, and working out.

This is the start of a new decade. Start it right. It is time to take control!

There is fitness equipment that is travel-friendly, so you can keep up with your fitness goals.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are lightweight, effective, and simple to use. They will get your heart racing and give you the cardio workout you need. They can be easily carried in carry-on luggage and can be used virtually anywhere, even in small hotel rooms and Airbnbs.

They are used by many boxers as the staple exercise because they are perfect for cardio workouts, and the workout they provide fine-tunes agility, bone density, and coordination.

However, keep in mind that jump ropes are not tools for strength building. They are best paired with other portable fitness equipment on this list.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are amazing fitness equipment for traveling because they are very compact and can be easily folded up.

There are various types of resistance bands. Some of them provide more resistance than others, depending on your fitness goals and level. You can get different types of resistance bands, and challenge yourself to improve.

They are the best weights for traveling. Most weights cannot be carried while traveling, due to their clunky nature. Resistance bands can be modified to imitate dumbbells’ weight. Bands offer resistance levels from 15 pounds to 200 pounds. They do not trigger security alarms, and they are long-lasting.

Resistance bands offer strength building for the entire body, both on the upper and lower limbs. It is best paired with a jump rope because it doesn’t offer cardio.

AB Wheel

Your portable gym is not complete without an AB wheel.

It is the fitness equipment you must have to exercise your muscles. It contributes to giving 6-packs to die for, but more than that, it also exercises other muscles such as your triceps, latissimus dorsi –  muscles in your back, core muscles – transverse abdominus muscles for abs, and the muscles in your spine to your tailbone.

It improves pulling strength and performance. Sadly, some AB rollers are not portable, so be sure to specifically purchase portable models that can be folded.

Pull-up Bars

A pull-up bar is great fitness equipment. The portable types easily fit inside most door frames, so it is ideal for hotels and Airbnbs. They can basically be used in any room that has a door.

Pull-up bars offer work-outs exercising the muscles in the core, back, arms, and shoulders.

However, they tend to take up some space. Be sure to purchase ones that can be broken down to fit inside your luggage and quickly reassembled with ease.


Who says you can’t stay fit while traveling. Well, thanks to the portable fitness equipment listed above, staying fit while traveling is not impossible.

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