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15 of the Best Canoeing and Kayaking Sites in the U.K

Best Canoeing and Kayaking Sites

Everyone loves to go on holidays where there are slipways and good rivers for canoeing and kayaking. Because of that, Cosy Caravan is an option for many youngsters. That said, below are the 15 best sites doing the above activities.

Canal Camping, Norfolk

This area offers its visitors camping using the best tents where one can begin canoeing with ease. Visitors can canoe quietly while at the same time observe wildlife up-close; and after they are done, they can relax by enjoying hot showers.

Lee Valey, Hertfordshire

This site is very popular with visitors since it has the best showers and cold water taps. Visitors are only allowed to set up campfires and no caravans. It has an area, like 17 pitches, where people can place their tents and launch their canoes at the riverbanks.

Whitlingham Broad Campsite, Norfolk

The campsite has a beautiful waterway which is very popular with visitors. They are also allowed to hire canoes for canoeing and other activities such as windsurfing and climbing also take place. Its located in the countryside, especially when people want to escape the city.

Frome Meadow, Dorset

During summers, the area is very popular since River Frome offers magnificent activities for its visitors such as swimming and canoeing. It is composed of loos and good campfires which makes it ideal for visitors.

Badrallach, Ross-shire

Located in a village within Britain, its only means of access to the area is by using the waterways. It’s very popular with tourists since it has the best views, 20 pitches for setting up tents and a good kitchen environment for people to enjoy meals.

Digeddi Wildlife Camping, Powys

This area is known for its magnificent view of Wye Valley. The canoes are for hire and visitors can begin their experience on the riversides of the beach. Many visitors also enjoy walking along the Offa Dyke footpath.

Cashel Camping, Dunbartonshire

The area is very popular, especially for visitors who want to see the biggest freshwater in Britain. Its big space allows visitors to set up almost 160 tent camps. There is also a recreational area for children when adults are canoeing.

Ferrygate Lane Camping, Norfolk

This site is particularly special as visitors can canoe in the Martham dyke. Tents are the only thing that is allowed in the area. Campfires are also allowed, only in the off-ground, and visitors can enjoy themselves.

Kingfisher Lakes, Yorkshire

Visitors do not require tents in the area to enjoy themselves as they can leave behind their canoes and kayaks after hiring them. It has one of the best accommodation venues which include furnished yurts and elegant safari tents.

Rushbanks Farm, Suffolk

The farm is known to be ran by a family, spanning almost three decades. Its visitors highly acclaim it since the family knows how to make visitors happy with good bell tents. Visitors are also allowed to bring their canoes.

Low Wray, Cumbria

Finding local caravan parks in the U.K is very easy, but there are readily available in Low Wray. Visitors can bring their kayaks and canoes for enjoyment, and over 144 tents can fit the area perfectly.

Ardugualich Farm, Perthshire

The site is known as being Queen Victoria’s best visiting site. It has magnificent views, and visitors are allowed to hire or bring their canoes for enjoyment. It’s a high tourist attraction, particularly for its loos.


Visit the above areas for the best canoeing and kayaking services for you and your families.

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