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Travelling with Pot: All You Need To Know

Travelling with Pot

Colorado, a state in the United States, legalized cannabis like this to be used for recreation on January 2014. It was the first state to do so in the U.S. and other states have embraced such legalization since then. In total, 33 states have made cannabis legal for medical and recreational use in the U.S.

Marijuana in Canada for medical purposes was legalized in 1999 while that of recreational purpose was legalized in October 2018. Doors for pot-tourism are continually opening in the market and travelers are looking for places that they can enjoy their pot without restriction.

If you want to travel across states or internationally, there are certain laws you need to know and be very cautious. Here are important things to keep in mind when travelling with pot.

  • Ensure that You Adhere with the Federal Law

In the U.S, border protection agents will allow U.S citizens who are just returning from Canada after consuming cannabis, to pass the border. However, there are several questions that they will have to answer.

Guidelines that are issued if you are returning from Canada are similar to those covering travelers going across different states. Even when flying from a state that legalizes marijuana to another with similar regulations, it is mandatory to deal the border agents.

The main goal is to ensure that all possibilities putting an airplane at risk are eliminated, including weapons and devices that can explode. If you are found in possession of cannabis, you will be handed over to local officers to determine your fate.

Not a government officer will let you go free if you are found with pot because it is considered illegal by the federal law.

  • Be Aware of the Repercussions

There are different repercussions depending on which state you are caught with marijuana. Some of these repercussions include:

  • In Oregon, the officers might let you fly without disposing your substance. At some point, you might be allowed to pass as you pocket a little weed.
  • Be careful when carrying pot in countries like Idaho, Kansas and South Dakota as you risk being handcuffed.
  • Most airports in states that are weed-friendly will allow you to return your pot to the person who dropped you off or leave it in the amnesty box.
  • Familiarize yourself with the quantity that is legal and that which is not legal. Carrying more weed than the allowed single ounce can put other travelers at risk and the extra amount will be seized.
  • Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia

Some products like cannabidiol contain a very low THC level therefore the users will not have a high feeling when they use it. You will be allowed to pass easily with CBD gums unlike when you are found with a pure pot.  Marijuana paraphernalia like a pipe can also be carried and passed through security.

Nonetheless, there is likelihood that TSA officials will report the issue to local law enforcement since they are not trained on different cannabis products. Therefore, be prepared to be delayed by local law enforcers as they verify your stuff.


The discussed guidelines will help you remain on the right side of the law when travelling with pot. Make sure that you are well-versed with both the state and federal law and the repercussions of travelling with cannabis.

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