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Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay

Historical and suburban, these destinations in England are one of the most-visited in Kent in the past years. The tours offered for a historical tour in Canterbury brings in a lot of tourists every year. Moreover, the canal trips in Whitstable and several visits at Herne Bay’s beaches have made these locations in the region a hotspot for those visiting Kent.

Tenterden and Ashford

With the most breathtaking vineyards in the region and farmlands that stretch across the region, these districts in Kent are for the wine lovers and farmland visits. Enjoy picking up grapes and doing winemaking or taking care of farm animals in animal centers located in the area.

Also, there are wineries in the district that offer group tours where you can enjoy delectably-aged wines freshly poured from their wine casks. This is a perfect destination for the animal lovers and foodies who are planning to visit Kent pretty soon.

Sandwich, Deal, and Dover


If you want to enjoy a breath of fresh air from the English Channel, visiting these cities would bring just that – the relaxing salty fresh air from the channel. Plus, a visit to the famous chalk cliffs on the coast of Dover would add to the breathtaking experience on your visit in Kent, while a trip to the South Foreland Lighthouse can add more exhilaration to the view and a romantic vibe for a marriage proposal or a seaside trip on your weekend retreat.


Pretty known for having one of the oldest markets, as recorded in the Domesday Book, Faversham boasts of its farms’ fresh produce as one of the best, not just in the region, but in the entire country as well. Boasting a maritime history, this is the perfect location for sailing and pre-Roman historical tours. Additionally, the beautiful scenery only found in Faversham is a breathtaking Kent experience that everyone must experience.

Maidstone and Malling

A mixture of nature and history combined, Malling and Maidstone would add more color to your tours in Kent with the medieval castles and picturesque lakes and ponds. In addition to that, the shopping districts in the area have some of the best merchandise you can buy as a souvenir when you visit the city soon.

Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

If you are in for manor and estate visits, these districts in the county shall bring you the experience you are looking for in monarchical England. Live like royalties as if you are lords in the medieval times with the views of the estate and the feel of castles, mansions, and estate parks. Also, the urban areas in these districts are perfect for short walks and a cup of tea at One Warwick Park in Tunbridge Wells.